Well here we are again, already into the New Year, 2017.     I trust you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year break. 

What a great get together was missed by those who couldn’t attend our Christmas lunch at the Albert Park Yacht Club.    The 30 plus who attended made little impact on the feast provided by the Club and the dedicated cooks from each family – I suspect many a trade was made of the left-overs. 

Apart from meal, a few enjoyed the chance to have a pre-lunch sail, and Jim made more tests of the trim and seating in his new rowing skiff. 

It was another busy and varied year in the WBA with: 

  • Visits to Seaworks, seeing the Tenacious entry to Williamstown, tool sharpening at Geoff Divco‘s workshop, one pot cooking, St Ayles skiff visit

  • Talks from David McCubbin and Dr. Chris Davey
  • Sailing days

  • WBA boat trips Paynesville Classic Boats, Geelong Wooden Boat Festival, Maribrynong River trip with the St Ayles skiff, Weekend away to Paynesville and day on the Werribee River  

I thank the Committee and others for organising these events. 

Of course our last meeting of the year wouldn’t have been complete without the presentation of the awards for 2016. 

The Broken Oar Award had attracted many contenders with competition hotting up for this coveted award. Contenders included David O’Dempseys’ unexpected and unnecessary inspection of the underside of the hull of his doracle while it was afloat in Albert Park Lake. There was also someone who when travelling under the bridges on the Maribyrnong believed his deckie when she said the mast would fit under the bridge beam only to hit the bridge. But the winner of this year’s award goes to the person who lead us up the Mitchell River only to get comprehensively snagged in the middle of the river where his boat was rocked about his midships like a see saw. The winner of the broken oar award is therefore David Stott.


This year the committee decided on an additional special award to go to a true stalwart of the WBA.   (More and pictures follow-)

It wasn’t enough that during the entry of the Tenacious to Williamstown he was spotted in the throng of the welcoming fleet in his small pedal boat- quite a distance from the confines of Hobsons Bay off Breakwater Pier - but when we had our Werribee River club day he pedalled from Williamstown to Werribee for five hours and although he was offered a road lift back he pedalled back to Williamstown spending a total of 13 hours pedalling for the day. The award went of course to Graham Signorini.

 As befitting a presentation of this nature, a presentation eulogy was also delivered in honour of the achievement

 I think it went like this –

 The GS (Graham’s Ship) “ Nabari”

He had a plan, our activities man

To build a ship to his liking

No sails or oars,

No motor that roars

And he’d call his new ship “Nabari”.


So he whittled and glued, and his new boat ensued

With propeller that spun when he pedalled

And it’s also true

That he painted it blue-

It’s the blue pedal boat, Nabari.


On Werribee day, far across the bay

Our Graham set out from near Melbourne.

5 hours did he take

To cross that great lake

In his flagship – the GS Nabari!


You’d think he’d be tired, yet ‘though nearly expired

Nought could dissuade him from turning –

And so he sped back with

wet clothes on his back –

Feet cooled by the water in Nabari


Keen?   Stubborn?   Insane?  - Some disease of the brain?

What drove our brave Graham to do it!

But we admire his great grit

And wish we could fit

In that mighty canoe – “The Nabari”!


What does Nabari mean?  Graham explained that it’s the part of a tree where the roots  join its trunk!


Well that’s all from me.   See you all soon.


Andrew Campbell 


Cheers for now, Andrew Campbell



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