Another “Not so good” forecast for our sailing day – windy, rain, and warnings out for boating on the bay.

Never-the-less we had a very good turnout.  Was it because of the location in the more sheltered waters of Patterson lakes?   Curiosity to see the canals?   Or … did it just show how much Andrew’s culinary prowess is known and appreciated!        AND ...... the empty block next to number 2 was a very convenient parking and boat handling area.

It was not a day for big boats, and with the wind blowing directly down the river it was always going to be tough for any one who was launching at the boat ramp and making their way upstream -  ask Graham and David, who rowed their tinny to Andrew’s dock, arriving late, wet, cold, and tired!

Jim and Penny made it, too, but I suspect it was a little easier in the Drascombe Lugger with outboard power.

My Family made an appearance – Tim and Sharon, Kylie and Jonathon, Margaret and me – bringing 5 craft, and we ended up launching the 4 that could be easiest be popped into the water at Andrew’s floating jetty.

Patterson Lakes 2018 16

As well as the fold-up kayak you have seen before, Kylie and Jonathon attracted a lot of attention with their folding (Backpack) ORU kayaks and a number of the attendees tried them out.   More sales of ORUs on the way?

I also launched the new (but unfinished) Adirondack Guide Boat with the Hobie Drive installed, to test the interim seat design and height, and the drive mounting in it’s little well. 

 I didn’t get to try it out!  There were plenty of others keen to see how it went (like a rocket!!!), and once in, it was hard to get them to come back and give someone else a go.   By the time it would have been my turn, the weather had turned nasty, lunch was ready AND – they had broken the Hobie’s mounting restraints.    Back to the drawing board.

Jim and Penny conducted tours of the Lakes in the Drascombe Lugger for those less interested in manual powered craft.

Lunch?   Once again our expectations were correct!  Andrew and Ros had a feast set for thousands, which means there were lots of leftovers in the end.    Prawns, dumplings, ribs, chops, salads, chicken, cakes Easter Eggs – and more.  What a feast!    Thanks Andrew and Ros -The committee should consider more club meetings at this addres

And so - it was a good day, after all.    No wonder we're getting new members.

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Call for Contributions

Have you recently had a great day on the water, voyaged from A to B successfully, or completed a small project such as a locker lid or new spar? Our members would love to hear about it!.

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We also encourage members to share their achievements and experiences at club nights. Bring along photos, drawings or examples and feel welcome to talk about these as part of the meeting.

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