An ancient scroll describing the yoga tradition for boarding a boat has been recovered in the excavation of a shipwreck…



Step 1 - Take a slow inhalation and as you exhale, set an intention to embark on the boat boarding pose with stability and ease.

Lift the arches of your feet, your pelvic floor and draw in your navel, as you raise your right knee up by engaging your thigh and hip flexor muscles.

Carefully press the ball of your right foot on the edge of the boat.

For the more advanced practitioners amongst us, there is an option to not place your hands on the boat and to keep the knee directly above the ankle.


 Step 2 - As you lean into the posture, notice the subtle shift of your weight moving forward.

Appreciate how this translates into your muscles, from your feet into your core muscles. As your right foot takes your weight, engage your left glute to lift the left leg.

Be mindful of keeping your shoulders lifted, light and balanced. Reach your fingertips as far away from your left heel as you can. Hover, holding this intermediate balancing posture for five, slow, belly breaths (or repeat the mantra "calm, blue ocean" silently five times), keeping your drishti (gaze) on the horizon.

Don't forget to keep lifting the pelvic floor and the edges of your lips, whilst keeping your forehead unfurrowed, jaw relaxed and heart open.



Congratulations, you have performed the boat boarding pose.

To recover from this pose, either fall into the boat or fall into the water.

Enjoy the Namasplash.

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