What a day it was, it really was such a day!
Christmas Party 2021, held under blue skies and light winds, a gathering of dedicated boaties launched at Albert Park Lake: Jim and Penny with Talisman, Geoff Carroll in Blue Belle, Jimmy Bailley in Hunka Munca, Peter and Kirsty Batchelor in Pitthirrit.

Our catered lunch was delivered on time, laid out and the bell rung to gather all the guests to the feast, Geoff and Jimmy had taken Blue Belle for a “shake down” cruise but heard the bell and reversed course post haste to not miss out on the festivities.

Graham Signorini explained the process ofselecting the winner of the Alan Chinn award and presented this to Tim Drinkall and Bill Jones for the restoration of Comet, a 1930’s mahogany

The “Bell” award which had been held over from the AGM due to the zoom meeting at that time was presented to Leigh McNolty for his secretarial role over a 3 year period, keeping us on track during meetings and scribbling furiously.

The “Broken Oar “award was presented to Gary Hardy on the event of his crew at Mallacoota (Ozzie) his first mate, jumping ship and mutineering after a long day on the water (the events were disputed by the recipient but the appeal was dismissed).

Jim Stockton presented an Honourable Mention as an adjunct to the Broken Oar to myself for getting stuck in mud when testing the solidity of the landing spot selected by my skipper (Jim). Certainly a case of not letting the truth get in the way of a good story!

Best wishes, 
Chris Kelly

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