Imagine a small boat nudging into the side of the Genoa River. It’s starting to rain and everyone on board is ready for a break, so they pull in beside an ominously derelict jetty. The banjo sound track from the movie Deliverance plays in the background. The boat sticks on the bottom a couple of metres out from the shore.

One brave man announces that he will hop off and pull the boat ashore. “It’s okay” he says, “It’s sandy and I’m wearing my sea boots.” You know the type, they’re a pretty blue colour and have laces in the tops. Shore bandits, sorry, ship chandlers, sell them to yachties. In he leaps, there’s a mighty splash, he grabs the side of the boat and clings on with all his might and mumbles, “It’s soft mud, and I’m stuck”.

Yes folks, we are still several metres from shore but now we are safely anchored by a mud anchor. Eventually he levers himself back in, sloshing mud across the deck.

Many hours later we are back at the house unpacking the boat when he walks out onto the veranda and ceremoniously pours the water out of his boots onto the garden bed.

So the Honourable Mention for the 2021 Broken Oar Award goes to Chris for selflessly volunteering to test the depth of water and mud in the Genoa River.  Congratulations Chris!

[Note: there is no photographic evidence for this event, the rest of the crew were laughing too hard to take any photos.]

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