Ahoy Members,

On the evening of the 24th of August, a considerable number of members journeyed though the dreary weather. All so they could have their efforts rewarded with Peter promoting the upcoming Amazing Raid, followed by the feature presentation “The Riddle of the Sands”. A film about a man who also journeys though dreary weather, a long time ago, in hemisphere far far away.

Arthur Davies invites his old university buddy Charles Carruthers to partake in some duck-hunting, although when he said duck-hunting, he meant to say secret mission. While on the “duck-hunting” trip, they came across a German official. This man has a daughter who plays a distracting love interest, the final component to any entertaining movie. With those ingredients, the story unfolds and you should have been there. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll see you at the next Club Night. Now I think we can all agree, that film was best consumed with the bottomless buttered popcorn, then beautifully bookended with party pies, quiches (my personal favourate) and social mingling. I had a lovely opportunity to meet many other members in our welcoming club. So if you’re reading this and I haven’t met you… I’ll see you at the next Club Night at APYC, which is on the 21st of Sep at 07:30pm, It will be a presentation by Bob Morgan, on the aquatic-based culture of the Sepik River Region in PNG.

The next big thing that happened the past month in the WBA, was the always so enjoyable Sailing Day on the 28th. Before we hit the water Jim came out swinging with a map of the upcoming Murray trip. Sounds tempting doesn’t it, 100km of calm winding rivers nestled between Mulwala and Tocumwal, potentially riddled with budgie-sized mosquitos. Such a call to adventure can do that to a WBA member. For more details don’t hesitate to get in contact and join the trip, budgie smugglers are optional.

With pointing at a blue squiggle on a map out of the way. It was time for the hulls to be planted in the water and sails to hug the wind. Fanciable dream boats by Gary and Jim, the Derry and Talisman were out making waves. Before you ask, yes of course Ozzie was there. How else would we all know when to set sail. How else would we all know when to set sail.

As it was my first experience with such magic, I want to highlight Peter’s Lapwing called Pitthirrit. The magic I speak of is in the panache of the sail configuration. When the mainsail’s tension is dropped, she stays perfectly in place. You are left peacefully in the water watching the waves and the wind move around you. Quite spectacular stuff, I heavily recommend sweet talking Peter, that way you can experience it for yourself.

For those who may have been hesitant to bring your boat down, due to the manuvering involved around the club house. We will now have access to the roadside boat ramp booked for every sailing day. No more trees trying to reclaim our masts. Hooray!!

Thank you for another beautiful month members, I look forward to the next one. We have a presentation on PNG culture, and our WBA culture in the making with the Amazing Raid. I look forard to seeing you all there.

Ethan Urch WBA President

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