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The cold June club night at APYC was no match for the intrepid WBA members keen to hear Jimmie s story of building his red cedar strip planked sea kayak.

The night began with the rumble from the ground floor lobby of the club rooms - further investigation found Jimmie Baillie and Geoff Carroll carrying boat stands and Jimmie’s canoe in from the frosty night.

Geoff and Jimmie setup a slide show in the heated first floor while members prepared hot drinks to sip on through his story.

Jimmie’s kayak was his second boat building project, following on from “Hunka Munka” a 10ft stitch and glue rowing boat.

Jimmie described how from the Nick Shade site (https://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/guillemot/) he read and purchased “The Strip Plank Kayak” book, and selected the Guilimot design for his next effort.

When the time came, Jimmie ordered western red cedar from a wood yard he had seen described in a

blog (Matthews Timber) and had it machined into 19mm x 6mm planks.

He explained how he formed a strongback to mount his forms, and used his son’s computer expertise to type the lofted dimensions into tables, which were then graphed into printable outputs that were printed up by Officeworks.  

Jimmie glued the individual prints onto MDF boards and cut out the shapes, placed them on the strongback to complete the boat’s mould.

     Jimmies Kayak 02     Jimmies Kayak 04

Jimmie started assembling the strips around the formers without steaming, preferring to cold form through torturing and finishing the edges with a small block plane and trimming the ends to the correct angle using a tenon saw. He stuck the strips along the edges using PVA glue and used clamps, staples and tape.

We learned how the kayak was made in two distinct pieces – hull and deck.   On completion they were covered with fibreglass cloth using BoteCote epoxy resin.  BoteCote  was chosen because of the ease of mixing the 2:1 mix.

Jimmie spoke of the challenge of applying the fibreglass tape deep into inside of the pointed ends and how he poured epoxy into the points to make a solid plug inside the points. 

The outside was coated with about 10 coats of marine varnish.

The job was finished by making a padded seat with closed cell foam from Clark Rubber, and inserted some internal bulkheads.

Jimmies Kayak 07

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