Our sailing day saw a good number of boats on the water in conditions that varied from almost calm to quite “energetic”. Gary and Gavin were there in their double-enders, along with Palz and Kelvin in Lily. New member, Mark, brought his canoe with fish-tailed pedal propulsion, and of course, Graham was eager to take it for a spin, and offered some advice on possible changes that could be made. There were some teething problems, but I look forward to trying it out myself on another day, and also seeing it on the water in company with Graham’s pedal- propellor canoe. New member Liam, and his friends Kieran, and Tony with his granddaughter were all able to go for a sail in Begonia at various times, and I was able to take some people out in Pitthirrit as well. It was great to see Jimmie’s Hunca Munca back on the water! Ethan had his canoe on the water for a while in the morning, and Geoff dropped in on his way to another appointment. Penny, Chris, and I rounded out the WBA members in attendance (I think - apologies if I have missed anyone).