Anthony Horgan, one of our new members,
has recently completed his latest project, an
11'6" Percy Clinker Sailing Dinghy designed by
Adrian Dean.
Many will have admired Anthony’s boat and
workmanship at the Christmas Party, where
Anthony gave it its first introduction to Albert Park
Now, we all know the commitment a builder has to
make, often over years, to bring their dreams to
fruition, and the distraction this can be to the
Well, rather than burden Tracey (the missus) with
his construction adventures, Anthony took himself
off to The Wooden Boat Centre - Franklin Tasmania,
and with a little help from the crew there turned his
already extensive woodworking skills to learning
new ones, and built his boat from Huon Pine and
Celery Top Pine.
Well done Anthony, a lovely boat indeed, and
wonderfully crafted.