Lawrence Marshall’s “Turtle Tug” was launched for first time at our Rye WBA sailing day 25th February last.

turtle tug 1

Lawrence has converted a Hartley TS to an electrically driven Mini Tug. As it is powered with the power plant from a mobility scooter, it comes equipped with forward & reverse and delivers plenty of torque.  The conversion utilised recycled material where possible - glass saucepan lids for windows, the discarded propeller & bottom housing of a 3 hp outboard motor, an old electric bike mobility scooters’ motor & controls. It has a mobility scooter wheel for the anchor guide, an old-fashioned car horn, and – you may notice the drinks tray prominently positioned amidships!
Launching the boat at Rye under interesting rough & windy conditions proved difficult and Lawrence wants you to know, Jim and Penny, how much your assistance was appreciated.

turtle tug 2

“Turtle Tug” will soon be offered for sale, as Lawrence’s main interest is in restoration. (Another member who likes the journey of building, more than the ongoing use of his creation).