Thank you Peter and Gary for all your hard work and dedication in putting together this day’s activity. A great time was had by all. The weather and river were perfect, unlike the 2021 Herring Island trip.

yarra 2021

Oh Dear!  What a day in 2021

What a contrast in 2024!

This time the barbeques and shelters were available, it was warm, and it was dry. One thing that never changes though, is the limited mooring access, so that late comers need to tie up to early arrivers’ boats and clamber over those vessels in order to disembark. The dock is a fixed structure that seems to get higher each year, or else my body is shrinking? It may well be that this was the last time we oldies will disembark there. I’ve popped a few pictures in, but if you want to see more, click on the link further down to see all the photos I received – I think
that all boats and crews are covered in the photos.



More Photographs –

Even More Photographs - (Gary’s video report of the day on YouTube. Thank you Gary.)

 David O’Dempsey