Unfortunately none of the club boats were back at APYC for the May sailing Day. We did however have a good roll up of boats. During the day we saw Leigh McNolty’s Mirror and Phillipe Patacca’s Norwalk Island Sharpie. Yes, all 18 ft of her and both masts but we didn’t tell the rangers.

There was also David Stott’s pulling boat and Frank Raisin’s canoe, Gnu II. Jim Stockton and Penny Braybrook brought their Talisman and Geoff Carroll had his Shimmy, Bluebelle. So all in all it was quite a good day of sailing and all who wished, even if they were boatless, were able to get on the water in one or other of the boats. The launching ramp up by the Point Restaurant got a good work out for the day. Fortunately the weather proved fine enough for lunch on the balcony and a good day was had by all.

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