Gusty conditions were experienced by the members who attended the August sailing day at Albert Park Lake. Geoff Carroll launched Bluebelle, Penny Braybrook and Jim Stockton sailed in Talisman, and Rob Ripley could be seen messing about in Green Bean. Club boats Begonia, Lyndsay Symons and the Stringybark canoe were all launched and several members who had arrived without boats took the opportunity to get out on the water in the club boats. We welcomed new member Tom McAdam to his first club sailing day, and he was able to sail or paddle all three boats. From the way he was paddling Stringybark it was obvious to all that he has spent quite a bit of time in kayaks or canoes in the past.

Geoff, Jim and Penny graciously offered me space in their boats during the day, and I also took Lyndsay Symons for a tour of the shallower area of the lake near the aquatic centre. It is great to see the water levels back up again after the Grand Prix.

The drawbar on Begonia’s trailer as extended while she was undergoing her refit, and we took the opportunity to explore options for her placement on the trailer. It was decided to not make any alterations until after the Williamstown Festival of Tall Ships.

David Ayers generously brought along boxes of books, fittings, and components that he no longer had any use for, and many members took away useful items for current or future projects.

More members are making use of the launching ramp beside The Point restaurant now. It certainly makes launching the larger boats easier, as the ramp is quite deep when the lake is full, but the rough concrete walls mean that you do have to take extra care not to bump into them. The launching ramp is normally locked, with a pole across the ramp entrance, but all you have to do to get it unlocked is phone the ranger on 9695 9000. By the time you have your boat rigged the ranger will have unlocked the ramp for you. After launching you put the pole back into the bollards, but don’t lock it – the ranger will generally arrange to come back late in the afternoon to check that it has been locked after the last boat has been retrieved.

Peter Batchelor

Photos by Kerrin McNolty

Photos by Rob Ripley

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