Approximately 30 people plus some visitors attended over the weekend with 13 boats on the water. We had 3 boats from interstate and the balance from metro and country Victoria. Torrential rain resulting in muddy and wet conditions on shore and muddy debris afloat did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm.

Friday night‟s informal BBQ was a good start to the festivities ashore. On the Saturday the flotilla departed Lake Nagambie at about 10:30 taking about an hour to reach our lunch destination of Chateau Tahbilk, where a wine tasting was enthusiastically partaken of. The river was in full flow with plenty of debris to be watched for as well as the odd water skier or two.

Saturday night‟s formal BBQ was a happy occasion and saw the announcement of the inaugural „Broken Oar‟ award. The inaugural recipient was Rob Ripley, for his early morning of discovery and running out of fuel. The Sunday WBA sponsored breakfast was enjoyed by all, however towards the end Park Management came to recommend that we remove our boats from the water owing to the rising water level. Shortly after that advice we were then informed by authorities that owing to potential flood conditions, the caravan park area we occupied was to be evacuated. A number elected to leave early for home, though others adjourned to the township, for lunch and further exploration on land.

The feature of the weekend was that in difficult, damp and windy conditions, the help and assistance given to each other as required, and good natured spirit that abounded was absolutely fantastic. The good food and drink helped a lot too!

Peter Braithwaite OOD Nagambie Lakes Annual Weekend Away.



Photos by Rob Ripley

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