Eva couta boat gs858 Ian Bakos

The Couta boat is a class of sailing vessel that evolved in the southern part of Port Phillip, Victoria, during the late 19th century. These were originally working boats meant for fishing in the waters off the southern Victorian coast. Books have been written that describe the class in great detail so I won’t try to re-tell the story, a good summary and place to start for those interested can be found here.

Couta Boat, GS858 – Eva, is our own piece of Williamstown’s maritime history. Now over a century old, Eva was built by Frederick Blunt on a slip previously operated by the Blunt family where the Williamstown Police station stands today. Planking is New Zealand Kauri with the keel and stem of Western Australian Jarrah. The current decking which is not original is White Beech.

LOA 24′, 4″ (7.42M)
Beam 9′ (2.74M)
Freeboard 19″ (482MM)
Displacement 2.95 imperial long tons (3,000 Kg)
Ballast Weight Lead, 1.23 imperial long tons (1,250 Kg)
FWD (Fwd mastface Fwd Stem) 7′ (2.13M)
Sails WCB 1
Engine DC Electric 48 Volt Direct Stern Drive. 20 kWh LiFePO4 Battery Capacity
Historical Register: Australian National Maritime Museum – Register of Historic Vessels
Current owner: Ian Bakos
More information: http://www.seapad.com.au/classic-wooden-boats/couta-boat-eva-gs858/