Drascombe Lugger 2 Jim Stockton

Designer: John Watkinson
Builder: Not known
Built: Probably before 1982

This boat came to us as a stripped out hull and two buckets of bits and pieces. We do not know when this boat was built, but the name of the town on the sailmaker’s label is Umtali. This town changed its name to Mutare in Zimbabwe in 1982.

At 5.7m long by 1.9 wide it is possible to row the lugger in calm conditions, but fortunately it has a 3kW motor in a well. In addition to the sails shown in the illustration, it also has a set of Chinese junk sails.

Its longest trip with us was cruising down the Murray River for two weeks.

Current owner: Jim Stockton.

Drascombe Lugger 1 Jim Stockton

Drascombe Lugger 3 Jim Stockton

Drascombe Lugger 4 Jim Stockton