Built: 2020 - 2022
Designer :  Doug Hylan
Builder : Chris Kelly
Length: 5M
Beam: 1.7M
Draft 200mm
Weight 340kg
Current owner: Chris Kelly

The design was slightly modified by reducing the rake at the transom to 5 degrees and adding sponsons at the stern to increase buoyancy, protect the leg of the outboard motor and extend the length on the water line by 300mm.

Flotation compartments at bow and stern with sealed side benches accessed by hatches for storage and flotation.

Powered by a 20hp, 4 stroke Tohatsu outboard. At ½ throttle she will attain 10knots and is economical to run.

Full length unobstructed walkway is very versatile, and if required to row, a slip thwart can be positioned as a seat.

Teal was built bt the owner at the Victorian Wooden Boat Centre. Due to Covid lockdowns, a 9 month project extended to 2 years and became a mentally positive build time.

When launched Teal floated to her lines, tracked, turned and performed exceptionally well. Now that the motor is run in, with 2 aboard she will achieve planeing speed.

PS: Teal was painted and named 6 weeks before the phrase “Teal Independents” was coined for the 2022 Federal election candidates.