Opinions and advice

Opinions and advice expressed on our website, in Shavings, and at the Association’s meetings are those of the individual originators only. The Editor and the Association’s Committee do not necessarily endorse views expressed at such forums.

Participation in events

Participation in events organised by the Association may involve certain risks inherently associated with the perils of the sea or weather which include the possibility of damage to or loss of vessels and equipment as well as injury or death to persons. Such risks will require the exercise of the prior judgement of members on behalf of themselves, their guests and invitees, whether to commence or continue any particular activity, irrespective of information supplied by the Association, its Committee or officers. The Association, its Committee and officers accept no responsibility for damage, loss, injury or death arising from these risks.

Contributions to Shavings

Contributions to Shavings by members of the Association on relevant topics are most welcome. Contributions may be edited before publication at the Editor’s discretion. By submitting any material for publication the contributor warrants that he/she is the copyright owner, and consents to the editing of the material and its publication in Shavings and on the Association’s website on a royalty free basis.