Considering that the weather forecast was for “scattered showers “ and that what we received at 7.00pm was a torrential downpour for about 40 minutes, we had a good turnout of members (23). At the end of the evening the Lake level had risen 10cm and the centre road car park area was 45cm deep!

This did not deter our guest speaker Mike Ridley and his lovely assistant Eileen (his wife) from turning up to show us all how to tie our knots properly, with the able tutelage of our own Paul Rubera and his son Sam ( a qualified rigger ).

Mike is a member of the “International Guild of Knot Tyers” and had displays of knots for inspection but also conducted a practical demonstration with a “hands on “ approach which had the majority of us in knots .. not always the correct ones ! Who would have thought that there were so many variations of the humble bowline? He also gave a good explanation on the different types of rope and the qualities of each, without becoming too technical but aimed at us “boaties".