In May the PP12 was transported to the workshop in Preston of ‟Build Wooden Boats". This was the first stage of the refurbishment where Phillipe and his team (Chris Ribecchi) were commissioned to complete the structural repairs ... replace the cockpit floor, stringers and rebond the bulkheads.

When this work was completed it was over to us to punch down nails, fill holes with epoxy, sand, coat the interior with epoxy to seal the timber. The hull was then turned over and the same process applied to exterior as well as sheathing in 125gsm fibreglass cloth. The hull timber was so dry that it had 2 coats of epoxy before the fibreglass and then another 2 coats to wet out the cloth.

After the cloth had dried, it was back to sanding again before 8 coats of Aqua Cote on the exterior. In preparation of turning the hull right way up again a cradle was made to fit the hull which when tried worked! amazing!! The interior was then... you guessed it, sanded and so far, 3 coats of Aqua Cote have been be applied .

The boat will be back at the club in time for the AGM and then the fun part begins... trying to figure out where all the fittings go, so bring a screwdriver to the AGM! Special thanks to David Gibson and Alan Chinn for their able assistance and direction over this time.

Chris Kelly