Several members arrived on Thursday afternoon at the Albury Wodonga Yacht Club, Andrew Cohen with Begonia, Chris Kelly with Will'o.. and David Gibson with his Swan Bay 12 . In the sunshine and humidity, they set up camp and launched boats etc. Thursday evening , it started to rain and continued for the next two days on and off.

Friday we had some sail time and more arrivals. Leigh and Kerrin McNolty with their mirror dinghy, Rob and Pat Ripley with Lindsay Symons, Graham Signorini and Nabari, Frank Raisin with Paul‟s Tammie Norrie Beth and John Long, boatless but willing to be “mobile ballast”. Boats were launched and moored at the beach and a BBQ was held as an impromptu get together.

Geoff and Jill Carroll and Kibbee and Tony and Linda Remington with Ursa arrived on Saturday between rain showers and set up camp with a lot of assistance and not necessarily wanted advice. More sailing and a welcome from the AWYC by Peter Quigley with afternoon tea, and Geoff Carroll presented a WBA burgee to Peter in appreciation of their efforts to make us all welcome. Roderick Smith and Geoff arrived without Jessie II due to trailer failure (Rod this is becoming a habit! Just like our attraction for rain over the past 2 years!) Some of the AWYC and Yarrowonga YC members sailed for Tallangatta and an overnight stay on board with a BBQ on the shore.

Back at Wodonga we had reasonable conditions for sailing and everyone enjoyed themselves for the afternoon, although there were some interesting happenings when lack of wind becalmed Begonia , Graham took Nabari interstate and also for a twilight paddle , Kibbee didn‟t like fresh water so stopped pumping it, Beth was reluctant to leave her trailer … all good candidates for the “broken oar award” but this will be presented at the Christmas party on the 11/12/11 by Geoff Carroll.

Saturday night AWYC hosted us to wood fired pizzas cooked by Peter Quigley (a first time chef who performed brilliantly). As we were in the Clubhouse we were given a grandstand view of a storm which blew in from the North West with winds of up to 40km per hour and rain which was horizontal. This was only brief, but the rain stayed with us all night, though there was no flooding this year and no tents blew down. Sunday brought a beautiful day, sunny with reasonable but flukey winds. Members of the AWYC enjoyed sailing in our boats and have kindly requested our return in the future.

The weekend was made easier by the hospitality of the AWYC members and special mention should go to Secretary, Peter Quigley, Commodore David Stoffels and Vice Commodore John Pimm. Also to Bambi Quigley for the Saturday night catering and Fiona Stoffels for her generous hospitality.

The WBA members in attendance enjoyed their time at the Hume Weir and even the rainy conditions didn‟t dampen their spirits .. perhaps the red wine helped. Thank you to all who assisted over the weekend .

Chris Kelly (EX OOD. 2011).