STEP 1: Find desirable boat.

STEP 2: Allow adequate budget, resources and time allocation.

STEP 3: plan job, allow for contingencies.

Linda-JSTEP 4: Start project – I DID NOT allow for: weather holidays travel suppliers tools medical dental family emergencies backorders obsolete parts injuries accidents equipment failures work commitments public holidays vet emergencies family commitments landlord inspections car repairs neighbour assistance xmas new years eve new years day Australia Day exercising recuperating commiserating with peers ignoring peer advice birthdays anniversaries funerals engagements weddings parties excessive rain excessive sun excessive humidity excessive cold excessive hail colds flu runny nose headaches sore joints bleeding from cuts bruising concussion paint fumes temporary deafness Intermittent fainting heart palpitations arguments with passersby why the job is taking so long end of project party day after end of project party neighbour admiration and discussion re improvements and modifications drinking time/soul searching for the meaning of life.

STEP 5: Sail boat and enjoy! Plan for next project????

Andrew Cohen