The demise of Green PeaWhen the man of the house stated that he was going to cut Green Pea in half, what could I do but shrug the shoulders and walk inside without comment.

Then there it was in two pieces!

Slowly with many trips to Bunnings for a bit more timber, and a bit more.......stringers were attached to the 'fore' & 'aft”.

A large sheet of plywood became planks applied clinker style.

StringersAnd slowly it all looked like a possible new life for the sad little boat. Squares of ply offcuts secured the two ends to the new midsection.

MORE trips to Bunnings for stainless steel screws in multiples.

Some help was enlisted from the visiting grandson.

Seating was fitted.

Paint was applied – green bean tone with a touch of 'Hello Sailor' trim.

And wonder of wonders it floats, only leaks a little, and was just perfect for a picnic on the water at Warneet on a hot summers afternoon.

Pat Ripley.

4Grandson in charge!