Does it really exist? No-one has sighted Andrew Cohen and Chris Kelly’s gaffer yet. We were told that it was berthed at Blairgowrie but the conditions were such that we couldn’t sail down to see it. At present all is hearsay!

One boat that did appear was John Clarke’s weekender Compass Rose which John has just finished restoring. John was visiting on behalf of the Seagull club and hoped to meet other members who have a weekender.

It was interesting to see in the wood Rob Ripley’s Green Bean, which is Green Pea all grown up. Unfortunately, the bean does not appear to like sailing as the sail tore under the rough conditions. However, she moves along sweetly before Rob’s Seagull

Frank Raisin demonstrated his prowess with a sailing canoe, even to the point of allowing the steering pole to trail astern. The canoe was rescued from the hard rubbish collection near his home, and given to Frank to restore. Frank’s solution to no steering was to roll the canoe, retrieve the pole, and right the canoe in the blink of an eye.

Jim Stockton’s sea kayak showed just how seaworthy these craft are, as he paddled up and down beyond the bar like a great white shark cruising the water beyond the breakers.