For the weekend of 13, 14 January a number of boats met at Holland’s Landing for a very pleasant weekend. The weather was kind with no rain and a sea breeze to limit the heat. Bernard and John O’Kelly sailed there in Nelly. With the pleasant weather Bernard demonstrated how to enter the water while doing the splits between “ittle Nellie and the jetty. A new boat and crew to join the WBA was the tug Ticketyboo crewed by Garry and Margaret Stewart. The other two boats present were Doug & Marion Gullickson in Jabiru and Colin McArthur in Ibis. There was some pleasant fishing.

While these seven enjoyed Holland’s Landing Barry North was hospitalised with a severe stomach problem.

The February 12 meeting was to be held at Progress Jetty and Barry North arrived early in Peace Train. Immediately after tying up he observed a very dark front approaching so he then raced back home in the rain.

When he and Jenny drove back to Progress Jetty they found Graham & Janis eating lunch in their car while next door Colin McArthur was lunching in his car. Only Doug and Marion Gullickson had BBQed using a nearby sheltered BBQ.

So the day was a washout even though 7 members attended.