With a dire forecast for sailing day, an impromptu decision was taken at the club night that a warm lunch would be all the go on the sailing day. There is nothing like a prawn from the barbie and a hot sausage to keep winter chills at bay. One of the highlights of sailing day was the warm lunch put together by Andrew Cohen and Geoff Carroll. Geoff was seen in the kitchen sizzling sausages on his little galley stove from Kibbee rather than venturing out to the APYC barbeque in the cold wind. Andrew provided some warm finger food of marine origin. Another highlight was the rigging of the Port Philip 12 as members tried to evaluate what was still needed in the way of equipment for the rigging. While this was being thought through, Rob Ripley and Frank Raisin were exploring the possibilities of sculling from the stern of Lyndsay Symons.

The predicted bad weather did not eventuate and everyone spent an enjoyable day by the lake. The backdrop to the day was a large regatta being held by the Albert Sailing club with a wide range of boats from minnows up to sabres and lasers. There was a veritable forest of sails on the lake and in among them were the two brown sails of Peter and Will Batchelor as they braved the peak hour conditions there.

In the club rooms there was a low key swap meet and book sale in progress, ably overseen by Alan Chinn. Several of the members were able to pick up books of interest or usefulness for very reasonable prices. Next Sailing Day will be the Annual General Meeting and it is hoped that the weather will be sufficiently kind to allow us to have more boats on the water then.