Peter Doyle, Secretary of Anglesea Recreation and Sports Club, writes to advise that they are refurbishing four racing rowing boats (two fours and two pairs) that were built for them by Jas Edwards & Sons at North Princess Bridge in 1911.

Jas’ shed was next Greg Blunt’s great grandfather’s and, for reasons lost in time, they have the Edwards builders plate AND the Blunt signature lines on their stern plates! Their purpose in life has been to keep the Anglesea New Years Day Regatta (which has been held every year but two since then) afloat.  All four our girls are in beautiful condition - mainly because they’ve only been in the water 103 times! We’re effectively just putting some fresh lippy on them and giving them a general tart up.

At this stage, we’ve completed one of the fours, the second four is nearly done and will “go through ceremonies” this New Years Eve and we’ll do the two pairs over 2014 and 15.

We are re-launching and re-christening the girls as each comes out - on New Year’s Eve/afternoon - with suitable words and libation.

Greg Blunt and several wooden boaters that I spoke with at the last Geelong Wooden Boat Festival said that no one else in the world would have two identical boats of this age still in magnificent condition (not a skerrick of rot anywhere!) and in active use.  It made me realise just what a treasure these boats are.

The WBA was very kind in participating in our centenary regatta event a few years ago, under Andrew’s leadership. When we re-launch the final boat (New Years Eve 2015), we will have quite a celebration at our boat shed on the Anglesea River bank.  We’ll have all four boats out in the sunshine and/or on the water.

We are working on our boat most Wednesdays and always welcome interested visitors. The shed is on the Anglesea River, 50M south of the Great Ocean Road (bridge) and to the left as you drive over the river/bridge. There are three small boat sheds on the right/north of the bridge and only us on the South. It is a large, corrugated shed with our name across the front on a big, white sign.

For more information, call Peter on 0418 176 467