WBA members were welcomed by Craig Bramich, Seaworks Director, who gave us a very informative and up to date overview of life at Seaworks during the Tall Ships event. Well over 30,000 attended the festival over 10 days. The trials and tribulations of so many people from all walks of life congregating in Williamstown was equally inspiring and exciting for many first timers and old salts alike!

Craig then discussed and expanded on the opportunities and difficulties envisaged by the Directors of Seaworks and painted a picture of a dynamic and well balanced life in the not too distant future we hope.

Roy McQuade was most informative and eloquent in his past and early life as an engineer with The Melbourne Harbour Trust as he described his long journey with many of the different work groups on the site.

We were all fascinated with his photographic recollections of the daily lives of so many industrious labourers and managers who built, maintained and repaired all manner of floating vessels that allowed the daily life of Victorians to continue unabashed through this golden period of the industrial marine community at Williamstown. You should have been there to listen to him!

The evening was well attended by members and visitors alike and many comments were voiced on the quality and quantity of the evening repast, prepared with only a solitary microwave.

Andrew Cohen