Our aim for the Club Night on 19th April was to increase the number of members with the ability to rig and sail our club-owned boat, Begonia. Five of us attended the evening, plus the two “tutors” Frank Raisin and Graham Signorini.

Frank, who has had years of experience sailing Begonia, created an instruction booklet on the topic. With Sue’s computer skills and Frank’s knowledge, artwork and photos, they have created an impressively presented and useful guide on all things Begonia.

Graham guided us through the trickier parts of the rigging process, alerting us to the traps and pitfalls such as clearing the lazyjacks to go around the peak and throat halyards.

As we rigged Begonia on the APYC forecourt – under spotlights – the questions and comments from the group of eager learners helped to add a few useful dot points to the booklet and they will be included in the edition that goes into print and onto the website.

The small class size meant that everyone could get their hands on the halyards, sheets, uphauls, downhauls and lashings. We may need a remedial session on tying bowlines. The booklet is now available here. It can be updated and improved as members make use of it and provide feedback.

Leigh McNolty