Traditions are timeless.  This year we picked up an old one.

With a spanking good breeze, on sparkling blue water, and with a glorious array of boats from the biggest, Andrew Yen’s Chebacco, to the smallest, Andrew Chapman’s little red tender, we had a Sailpast.

The responsibility of organizing (herding?) an orderly and respectful parade of disparate rowing and sailing craft past our newly installed ‘Great Leader’ Chris, was given to me.  With rustic bugle technique (helped by David’s “spit a tea leaf” hint) it was not too onerous.

Luckily the theme of the day was “Have Fun”.  Graeme brought a set of signal flags and ‘dressed’ Begonia; Jim and Penny followed the theme of their Viking “Shortship” and dressed it with shields, wore menacingly authentic garb including horned helmets, and bowled past the saluting stand in fine style.  Geoff Carroll, gentleman that he is, donned blazer, cap and cufflinks, and led an appropriately rousing round of cheers.
With perhaps the largest fleet of WBA boats ever, it is impossible to acknowledge all the individual efforts which collectively contributed to the universal glow of goodwill.

So, after two weeks of miserable winter (as only Melbourne knows how) a beaut day was turned on for us. 

Later (I must note this) Begonia again worked her magic to ‘soothe the troubled breast’, and bewitched and inspired at least one potential new member!

Frank Raisin