Jenny and I again headed north for Easter to Toronto for our third boat festival this year. The weather this time was wet with the Saturday washed out completely with about 4 inches of rain in 24 hours. Penguin was in the water during all this but thank goodness for the sun awning and the bimini cover that kept much of the rain out in conjunction with the bilge pump.

However Sunday was bright and sunny and a good number of the public arrived. Because of the weather, boat numbers were also down, however we still had a good time and went boating on the lake after the festival.

A friend of ours Dave Myers owns Polly, a batten seam carvel boat about 80 years old and powered by a small Hall engine. Polly has been on the hard for about 2 years and we helped him get it back on the trailer, launch and do sea trials to check for any further leaks, alas the bilge pump was still necessary so back off the trailer with more work required to a crack discovered along one seam.

We also met up with Ross McLean president of WBA NSW, owner of Bucaneer shown below.

David Stott