The day started overcast, but warm, with offshore and very shifty winds of approx 5 knots close to shore, and 10 – 15 knots out past the outer channel markers. Soon after lunch the sky cleared making pleasant sailing and boating conditions.

WBA members enjoying the day were :- Peter and Kirsty (Kirsty Anne), Penny and Jim (Talisman), Andrew and, later, son Orlando Yen (with their newly completed “Khaos Theory” see photo), David and Jenny Stott (Penguin), Leigh and Kerrin McNolty, Paul and Karen Rubera, and Tony and Linda Remington (Dulcibella, with new sailing rig).

Some members enjoyed sitting on the beach while others explored the South Channel Fort. Others (not mutually exclusive) cruised down to Blairegowrie and beyond. The Batchelors included some SCUBA diving, while we (yours truly) spent our time successfully tuning and testing the new rig for Dulcibella close to base.

Very few jet-skis were encountered ensuring a quiet and peaceful day for everyone. A recent member Bob Gaston dropped in and talked to Peter B about the Spindrift 11 that he is about to start building.Most of us decided to head for home after a very pleasant day, but Andrew, Orlando and Jenny and David decided to finish the day with the traditional fish and chips on the beach.

Tony Remington, OOD. Dulcibella, with additional photos by Kerrin McNolty