IMG 20160424 142214Our April sailing day saw the St Ayles Skiff Cariad return to Albert Park Lake once again, with members of the Melbourne Welsh Church. Several of our members were able to take advantage of the wonderful conditions and enjoyed putting her through her paces.

Not to be outdone, Begonia also carried a number of WBA members in the light conditions, with not a leak in sight.

Penny Braybrook has been devoting a lot of time to sorting out our library, and now that we have some new shelving installed we have been able to start reorganising the display of our books and magazines. This has meant that we have been able to move several boxes of extra books and magazines out of storage, making much more of our collection available to members.

Our now nearly complete sets of The Boatman, and Classic Boat magazines have been added to the new shelving, and we are already wondering if we will actually have enough space for our entire collection.

Ken MacMahon recently joined the WBA, and he brought his beautiful Penny Fee to the lake for a little while in the morning. The Penny Fee is another Ian Oughtred design. We look forward to seeing her sailing once he completes the set up of her rigging.

The weather was ideal for a long, leisurely lunch on the balcony, watching the activities on the water, and many members took advantage of the balmy conditions.

Photos by Leigh McNolty, David Stott and Peter Batchelor.