Congratulations to Chris McDonald, the recipient of the Broken Oar Award in 2018 for his interesting trailer and launching technique demonstrated on our weekend away at Echuca!

His achievement was hailed at the Christmas Party in verse composed by David O'Dempsey and Penny Braybrook, complete with a pictorial record of the event.


Down the road to the launching ramp,
We spied a riveting sight
A large green truck with “pass me please”,
Visible to both left and right!

It had a name, as did its crew –
Green Turtle, Chris, and Tess.
And it had attached two trailers –
A spare?   Was our best guess!

But no! under interrogation
The truth at last emerged.
Thoura’s trailer (especially built),
by the authorities had been spurned!

The solution then to Chris was clear –
(Our Chris is stubborn and thorough)
He’d build another one, big enough
For the old trailer and for Thoura!

And so Green Turtle went down the ramp.
While we all watched intently.
Chris had a plan (untried it’s true),
and he proceeded very gently.

A good idea, as it turned out,
‘Cos that cunning double trailer
Had decided to make things difficult
For this prospective sailor.

It stuck quite fast, it wouldn’t budge.
Despite all Chris’s persuasion.
That trolley was just so determined
To cause him aggravation.

With mud all round to make things worse
And an audience a’watching
He reeled it back, to start again.
This time there was no botching!

Well Chris, it worked, but I don’t know
If many will take up your plan.
But certainly as a conversation point,
You’ll have the attention of many a man

Not yet as smooth as it could be
But you will work your magic
And turn that awesome beast of yours
Into something much less tragic.

For stubbornness, persistence,
creativity and more –
We present you with this trophy –
The treasured “Broken Oar”.    
Chris Broken Oar 2018