This is the President's report when we have had no meetings or activities!

We are now into week six of lockdown and from the emails received we seem to be applying ourselves to the situation reasonably well. Some are continuing with projects...

David Stott’s veteran car refurbishment is uninterrupted by other activities away from home, although he did say that he looks forward to going to the shop so he can dress up!

David O'Dempsey... building his nesting boat, although this is on hold while he has a knee replaced. David did tell me that his anaesthetist said that he had a friend who is building a boat who could use some advice (Peter Batchelor!) and that David's postie told Margaret that she knew of a neighbour who built boats (Andrew Yen!).

Geoff Carroll... is continuing his build, see the article further inside "Shavings".

Rob Ripley... is also getting on with his build.

Chris Kelly... is creating dust as well as splinters (report following).

Jim Stockton... creating his coracle.

So, as you can see there is construction underway and we will be interested to see the launchings later in the year.

In idle thought, David's comments reminded me that we are all interconnected (6 degrees removed), so speak well of people as you never know who you may be talking to!

For our "Sawdust" publications, let Penny Braybrook know what you have been doing so that we can maintain contact in lockdown.

See you all again soon!
Cheers, all