An eventful month and one which will be in our minds for the future ... this is the month that the term " new normal" caught on along with "flattening the curve".

The COVID 19 virus is serious and we as the committee have to take it seriously to ensure that ALL our members stay safe and here to enjoy the WBA activities when we are advised that it is safe to do so.

We have had to take the action of cancelling all club night programs for the foreseeable future and our "away " from APYC sailing events will be re-evaluated in accordance with risk assessment prior to each event (providing we can maintain "social distancing", our trip on the Yarra may proceed if we don't have a lockdown. . . we will see).

In the meantime "Shavings" will continue to be distributed each month and there will also be email supplements to keep you all informed, amused and involved in the activities of the individual members. So, now we need input from you to share whether it be a project, an event you have been to or innovative ways to outwit the hoarders and overcome any shortages we have all experienced. Please send these to myself for distribution (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Our club night was attended by 20 eager people to learn more of our second river the Maribyrnong, aboard the Blackbird and captained by Peter Somerville on the upstream leg and Warwick on the downstream leg. Both were very informative showing a passion for the river and its history.

We enjoyed a meal after the trip at the Station Hotel and left replete. Thank you to Graham Signorini for arranging the evening.

The following Sunday was a row, paddle day at Andrew Cohen's at Patterson Lakes. Although the weather was not promising in the morning, Penny and Jim arrived with kayaks, Jack Ellis also with a kayak and myself with a rowing skiff. Steven Taylor also arrived to participate and he enjoyed a paddle in one of the kayaks – the first time he had been in one since high school!  Andrew found a location for his BBQ out of the wind and produced a feast for the hungry throng. Again, thanks to Andrew for hosting the day and being chef.

Please everyone stay safe and we will look forward to catching up when we are able.
Cheers, all